There is a saying ….Beauty is a combination of artistry and science. And aesthetics really is that! It is a skill set that needs to be mastered and one has to have a talent for proven by results.  I thought for awhile about what to write this blog about. I wanted to write about something a little more personal and not so generic in regards to aesthetics. There are so many areas in aesthetics and nursing, health, beauty etc. After dumping many ideas and watching an episode of Botched, (Greatshow FYI. If you’ve never seen check it out on Bravo) the idea came to me….I’ll write about how we got here as nurses. Let me elaborate…How did we?….. Nurses, whohave entered in to the world of aesthetics, come to be here?  I can only obviously speak for myself here but I wonder if many of the other registered nurses in this field have a similar story. I think the question is a good one….How does a nurse go from healing the sick and saving lives to injecting Botox to diminish your wrinkles? How does someone who lived and breathed the high pressured environment of a hospital or home care nursing go from making you well physically to assisting with the things you don’t like about yourself aesthetically? Again, I can only answer personally and I am going to try my best to do just that. I will tell you that at least for me; it wasn’t an easy or natural transition. Honestly…. it was actually a bit of a struggle.

I won’t get into the whole story of why I became a nurse etc. Who cares? I am a nurse and it was a smart choice in career. I thought it was a good idea that at the end of the day having a job where you feel good about yourself and knowing that you may have helped someone was a good thing. It also pays well and has job security. What’s also great is that if you get bored or burnt out in one part of nursing you can transition to another aspect of it as there are so many. Win Win career. I’ve been a post-operative, surgical, medical, E.R., ICU and home care nurse, (I think that covers it). I’ve also worked privately for a very high profile patient as his nurse until he passed away and that was pretty exciting and fulfilling. I am also a certified nurse nutritionist as health and fitness are very important to me. A few things in my personal life I’d like to mention (that may sound irrelevant but keep reading) is that I am a huge animal rights person and a vegetarian (except a tiny amount of a fish which I pray for).  I also meditate often and have a strong attraction to Buddhism. I bring this up because it is an important part of my journey to aesthetics.  I really have always believed at my core that I should not care about how I look or what I’m wearing. In my core material things and possessions I feel should be irrelevant. I believe deeply that spirituality matters most as well as inner peace, doing no harm, kindness and compassion. What I do not believe in is a planet where the concern of so many is if Kim Kardashian’s ass is real and if she shows it naked again will the internet really break? Yet every Sunday I am tuning in and looking at her ass wondering if it is in fact real and found myself googling can the internet really break?… just last week. I used to hate myself for this on the daily. And why do I care? I have struggled with this for a very long time. Why am I concerned about these trivial things? Why do I secretly want Kylie’s lip kit and watch You Tube tutorials on contouring because this is what Khloe said to do on a podcast. Why do I give a shit about Heather Dubrow from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her beauty tip of the week? I care because I think that they look good and it’s fun and mindless in a world where so many not so fun and mindless events are happening constantly.  I next feel guilty over not thinking so much about the “important things” like terrorism and homelessness. I need to volunteer with my animal rights group more etc. etc.  The good old Irish catholic guilt… Instilled on me and many for centuries. What I struggle with is I feel I should be on a higher plane, a more important level of understanding. I should have self actualization and shouldn’t I be on a more important journey?  I should be with Tibetan Buddhists’ in a cave mediating and so in tune to my higher power, peace and my spirituality that I don’t care about my looks or clothes or Kim Kardashian’s ass. I know this is what is real and important. I know that our body is a shell and it will age and we will die. I know the deeper meaning of life is not found Sunday nights on E or Bravo. It is not found in my hair extensions or false eye lashes or in the new jump suit I rocked last week. Life’s purpose is not found in or anywhere near my incessant desire to look good, young and put together fabulous right? So why do I continue to need these things to feel good? Why am I not with the Buddhist monks in the cave in Tibet not caring and wearing a hideous robe? I should be. I need to be don’t I?  Am I just a self absorbed vain, narcissistic person?  It sounds crazy but I was in the process of studying for the holistic nurse exam when I then jumped into aesthetics and signed up for my first neurotoxins (Botox) class. How the heck does someone go from holistic nursing, nutrition and Buddhism to Botox and fillers? I really had a hard time understanding that myself. I thought long and hard about why appearance and anti-aging matters to me. Why can’t I be the buddhist monk??????

I am not sure I really ever have come up with the answer. I have enjoyed all of the areas of nursing that I have practiced but was ready to explore another area that I have found interesting for quite awhile. I signed up for my first class and fell in love. Aesthetics is to me like medical art. I struggled still with my failure at joining the monkhood and for now what I have come to is a place of acceptance and less judgment. This is our world. A world which places a lot of value on appearance and we have defined what we consider beautiful. Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes. I am a firm believer in that. I believe ultimatley what is beautiful on the outside only can exsist when someone feels beautiful on the inside. For me it is a combination of both. I think that I, like most people, look good outwardly when I feel good inside and am taking care of my physical, mental and spiritual health. In turn, I feel best inwardly when I take care of my outside appearance. When I have a manicure or have just come back from a facial I feel great. When I buy a new dress that fits perfect it feels good and brings me joy. When I finish hot power Yoga and the post 5 minute meditation or leave my animal rights group I feel fulfilled.  These small things make me happy and when I feel happy other things fall into place. It has taken me 40 years to realize something I already knew and practiced instinctually at 20; that it is ok to relax a little and not take life to seriously. It’s ok to want to look good and have fun with it. While so much more I believe makes a whole well rounded person, looking good outwardly is a small part and it is ok to enjoy and have fun with it.

In addition to my new found acceptance that I may never live in a cave with Buddhist monks chanting and starving myself in Tibet, at least not now, I have also embraced that this is where I am supposed to be right now. I am supposed to be feeling great after getting a peel and loving my healthy new glow, then hitting my small mediation class on a Tuesday.  I can enjoy chanting and meditation, having my hair and nails done and the appearance of cheek bones again with a little help from Dr. Russo and Juvaderm. It is ok…. It is also ok to not care about any of it and be the monk. Whatever makes you happy and brings you joy is what is right for you. We are a world of all different people. I think we all need to do what feels right for ourselves and not judge one another for our individual choices.

We are more than our Botox and also more than our deepest hardcore beliefs. Be true to you I think is what is important and sometimes very hard to do. Life is too short. Be happy being you. Why can’t we have our Botox and our Buddhism too? I believe we can. There are no rules. Make your own.