Aging can compromise lustrous, young-looking skin. When noticed, it can be hard to ignore how wrinkles or uneven texture can affect one’s appearance. Millions of people all over the country are looking for ways they can achieve younger-looking skin. With the many anti-aging treatments out there, there are none quite like dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is increasing in popularity when it comes to helping people of all ages, genders, and skin types achieve a youthful, smoother complexion.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that can improve the appearance of the skin from common aesthetic flaws such as an imbalanced texture, excessive peach fuzz, and dull tone.  This renowned treatment has been practiced in medical aesthetics for years and is  No needles or anesthesia necessary. This innovative treatment utilizes a specialized scalpel to help instantly alleviate the skin from debris, dead skin cells, and bothersome peach fuzz. Through this process of exfoliation, your patients will not only rejoice with smoother skin but can benefit from easier application and more efficient removal of skincare and makeup products.

Our dermaplaning course offers a comprehensive and hands-on educational experience that includes:

  • An overview of dermaplaning
  • Gliding techniques of the exfoliator
  • Protocols
  • Aftercare instructions
  • And more

Following our dermaplaning course, you will be able to:

  • Proficiently perform this non-invasive treatment for your patients
  • Better determine if a patient’s skin and cosmetic concerns may benefit from dermaplaning
  • Help expand your practice’s non-surgical options
  • And more

Dermaplaning is not only a highly sought after anti-aging treatment by patients but is highly cost-effective to you, as no formulas or manufactured systems are involved. Your patients won’t be the only ones to benefit from this exciting treatment!

If you are interested in learning more about our dermaplaning course, contact us today.