Want to know the most important tools for assessment?

It’s your eyes, your ears and your hands…

Any provider can be taught how to be a safe and effective injector, but many are missing the art of facial assessment. The information and expertise brought to this class will be a game changer to the way you assess and treat your patients. This class will focus on beauty theory, facial proportions, and how to perform a facial assessment and treatment.

Special Guest Speaker, Michelle Doran, NP, will share her strategies for a comprehensive assessment including a didactic presentation and hands on training.  Michelle is the Founder & Clinical Leader of RN Esthetics https://www.rnestheticsandlaser.com/, Board Certification Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS), Dermasculpt Trainer NE, Member of ISPAN, recognized as top 200 injector in Nation, and NP Trainer for Allergan Medical Institute.

Goals for students attending this event:

  • Discuss tools for assessment
  • Discuss the “whys” on assessment
  • Review female vs male features and the youthful face
  • Review facial structure and respect for proportions
  • 1/3 rules of assessment
  • Create 360 plan
  • Review pricing structure
  • The Treatment

The assessment and treatments discussed will include advanced and off label techniques. Students will learn to expertly assess the face, and how to combine treatments to address multiple concerns.


$999 for didactic and hands-on participation

*Students must have a model for class.

$699 for didactic portion and hands-on observation only