The field of medical esthetic services is an ever-expanding field; and in the last several years licensed estheticians have come a long way. Traditionally employed by day spas offering facials or makeup artistry services, estheticians are finding more and more career opportunities with the growth of medical spas and other health care offices. Because only about two-fifths of skin conditions are evaluated by dermatologists, estheticians have the opportunity to be essential to a skin care team.

Career options for estheticians who wish to focus on clinical esthetic treatments include positions in cosmetic surgery or dermatology practices, outpatient clinics, hospitals, laser centers or medical spas, in addition to starting their own private esthetic practice or day spa.

Although not a requirement to obtain employment within a medical practice, a licensed esthetician who also has a medical assisting or nursing degree is more likely to get hired. Massachusetts and some other states allow medical assistants to administer injectables, such as botulinum toxin and fillers. Because of their specialized training and skill, medical offices are realizing the value in adding licensed estheticians to the staff.

Unfortunately, because of inadequately trained spa professionals, resulting in client injury, many states have had to tighten laws that control procedures performed by estheticians. More and more requirements for medical aesthetics training are being put into place and are being aggressively enforced. This is why it is important to be properly trained in medical injectables courses. Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts provides the highest caliber of individualized nurse injector training to licensed medical professionals in the Boston, MA area. Contact us for more information on becoming a licensed esthetician.

As long as people feel the need to remove unwanted hair and fight the visible signs of aging, or want to improve the health of their skin to maximize their beauty, esthetics and health care will continue to be a very rewarding partnership.

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